Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blah...Blah...Blah (Part II)

I have not been feeling very inspired in the blogging department lately. Things at casa BWM have been very quiet lately, Isa has not done anything out of the ordinary. In fact she has been behaving like a regular 16 month old, you know, the tantrums, the "exploring" of the cupboards and the adorable but unrecognisable speaking. I have to say that I love how she talks to herself when she plays with her toys.

One interesting thing that did happen this weekend was that we went to the Canadian Toy and Hobby Fair at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto. It was a trade only show, where many of the wholesalers and distributors of toys (for both young and old) showcased their products to Retailers. Being brand new to the toy business this show was very important because we got to meet the people whom we would be doing business with. So we got some contacts, spoke with the sales people of various brands and checked out the new toys for 2007...by the end I was exhausted.

Because children were not allowed we asked my brother to baby-sit Isa. In fact it had been the first time that he had taken care of her during the day, he usually baby-sits her at night when she is in bed and never wakes up. For this reason I was curious to see how it would go for him. Needless to say it went great, he gave her lunch, he took her for a walk, changed her diaper, gave her a bottle and was happily playing with her when we go home. When it was time for him to go she went up to him and extended her arms to be picked up. We had to pry her out of his arms. How cute is that!

All in all a busy weekend, The Husband and I have a lot to do in order to get the store on-line and I worry that he is working himself sick. We could both use a vacation were all we do is stay home and get the things done but not worry about going to our day jobs. How sad is this.

Hopefully I will have more interesting and exciting things to talk about later in the week.

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Mimi said...

A toy show where no kids are allowed? That hardly seems fair! (Although I can see how that would impede the getting-done-of-business). Still!

Thanks for coming to visit my blog! Nice to 'meet' you ...