Friday, January 12, 2007

Let Me Count The Ways

It is unbelievable how much I love my Isa...I know that every parent says this but it is just so freaking true. There are times when I want to take her and just eat her up because she is just so adorable. She is now 16 months and I am in love with her personality.

She is such an easy going person...even though she still has her little tantrums(she is not that easy going) she gets over them pretty quickly (for now...crossing fingers).
I just love how she communicates and follows directions and is becoming more and more a big girl and not a little baby. She has a few words now that she says...

1- agua (water) this applies to any drink, hers or anyone else's.

2- gato (cat) she mostly screams this one out every time she sees the cat or any cat or dog on the street.

3- tata (can I have), if she wants something she says tata. There have been times when she points at the cat and says "tata" this is followed by a small tantrum because she cannot have the cat(because he will rather die than be near her) and she is saying "tata".

4- tachi (thank you) if you give her something, sometimes she will say tachi.

5- peta (soother)

6- pato (shoes) she loves wearing shoes...she cannot be dressed and not have shoes on. Also if she sees her shoes she thinks that she is going out so she goes straight to her stroller and tries to climb on. Needless to say it does not matter what time it is, say 7 am and mommy is barely awake and certainly NOT ready to go outside.

7- titi (socks) she knows that first she has to put on the socks and that after come the shoes.

She can say mama but she does not always call me by this name...we (mostly the Husband) are trying to get her to say papa. But she does not care to cooperate.
All of the words that I teach her are Spanish words and she responds to me when I speak to her in Spanish which makes me so very happy. She knows that when I tell her that it is time for a bath she goes to her room and waits for me to undress her and she and I walk to the bath holding hands. This just about kills be every day...she is just tooooo adorable.

The Husband and I have noticed that she loves her routine...she does very well with it and there are times when she is one step ahead of us. I just love that at least the routine is a good one and I am not trying to break a bad habit.
So this is my Isa at 16 months...she is just so amazing and every day brings new things. I love seeing what new word she will say or how she will respond to what I tell her.

It is incredible how much fun they are.

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