Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Cute Things She Does

This post is about all the absolutely adorable things that my little Isa does...I want to write things down because I tend to forget.

Isa, is slowly becoming her own person (at least, I think that it's slowly but maybe not) she has preferences for many things from the temperature of her food to the way I get her ready at day care.

This little girl is very particular about the temperature of her food and drink...she will only eat her food if it is hot, if it cools down she will spit it out and not eat anymore until it has been warmed up. Don't ask me where she got this habit because I certainly did not encourage it. In fact when she first started having solids (pureed baby food) I would give it to her at room temperature. Now, she wont touch the stuff...this can be a problem when we are out and about because I have to find a way to heat it up. Don't get me wrong I don't really go that out of the way...if there is no way for me to heat the food up I give it to her a room temperature and if she is hungry enough she will have it. The key word is hungry enough.

As for her milk the same rules apply...this is even harder for me to give to her cold. She will spit it out if it's not to her liking. She is such a little princess.

I am grateful that she does eat well...most of the time. We did go through a tough period a short time ago but once I discovered that she likes her food hot the problems went away.

Another quirk that Isa has is that she does not like to mix solid food (like bits of chicken or veggies) with pureed food. She likes to have them separate and if for some reason there are chunky bits in her pureed food she spits it all out. As you can imagine this is very frustrating...mostly because when I puree her stuff I am too lazy to see if there are any bits left and then I find out when she spits the whole spoon full out on me. This another thing that I have learned about her...she likes to keep her food separate none of this mixing business.

Another little thing that she likes is that when I go and pick her up at day care, I have to give her her pacifier before I can start getting her ready to go. She knows that it is in her diaper bag and that mommy gives it to her when she goes home. I call it my secrete weapon but I guess that it's no longer a secrete.

I have to say that I love to watch her play by herself. I love the way she talks to her toys and moves around. I love how every once in a while she stops and just looks at the toy that she has in her hands and examines it. Frankly, I just love looking at her and I love showering her with kisses, I love that she waddles towards me with her little arms out and follows me everywhere.

She is such an amazing little girl who has a smile for everyone and a kiss for her two favourite people.

Friday, November 10, 2006

She Walks....Hurray...

Isa finally walks...she has been waddling along now for a couple of months but yesterday she walked 10 steps or so. She still only truly walks when you offer her something that she likes and you keep moving the item away from her. That's my girl...there has to be something in it for her.

So I am happy about her finally moving forward and getting around on her two little legs. Part of me wanted her to walk very badly but another part(the lazy part) of me did not mind that she could only crawl.

Now, I know that she is going to get into EVERYTHING and that we have to move into phase II of baby proofing the house. I am so not looking forward to it.

Oh well....still really happy that she is walking...hurray for my little preciosa.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Are you ready for # 2? This is the question that I have been hearing as of late. I had lunch with a friend who asked me if I had thought about having the second baby. The truth is that I have and that the husband and I have decided to wait until Isa was older (she is 14 months right now).

Another reason why we want to wait is because we want to focus on
BABY THOUGHTS and we want to give it two years before we make any major decisions. We are also postponing buying a bigger house for the same reason.

But many of my friends are thinking about baby #2 and in fact two of them are already pregnant so I have babies on my mind. I also would love to be on mat leave again and have the whole year with my new baby and Isa and hang out with my friends and their kids but this is just not very realistic.

I have to think about what will be best for me (professionally) and the entire we will hold off on # 2
. I just wonder if it is best to have children close together or far apart? Though the most important thing is that you are ready mentally and physically.

We shall see but I don't think that it will happen anytime soon....

Friday, November 03, 2006

I am such a Bad Mother

I am such a bad mother....the other day I bought Isa size 3 diapers (she usually wears size 4) and now every morning she has peed herself. The reason being that her diapers can no longer absorb a drop more. When I go in the mornings to get her ready for day care the diaper weighs more then she does.

I feel soooo bad, I can't believe that I made such a her mother, the one that knows everything about her which included the size of diaper that she wears. So today I will be stopping by the grocery store to pick up some larger diapers to put on her for the nights because to make things worse I bought a box of the freaking diapers. And any mother knows, you will use every last one of them because they are too expensive not to do so.

Bad Bad mommy.