Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Just A Little Update

For those who are interested here is an update on what is going on:

I did hand in my resignation last week and to be honest it was really nerve racking. I knew that it was the right thing to do but it still felt really weird to be leaving a job without having another one to be going to. Don't get me wrong, I know I will be VERY busy with the new business, there is so much to do and so much to learn. But we are taking a risk, a calculated risk but a risk never the less.

Like I have said before I am really looking forward to focusing on the business, there is so much that I want to do. I need to do more research and update the Resources that are up on the site, I want to think of other ways to make it even more helpful and interesting to parents. The other really fun thing is to search the Internet, read magazines and talk to moms about new and exciting toys that are coming out.

I am just soooo excited.

I know that it will be a lot of work but it will be very rewarding work, I find it so rewarding when we get comments from parents about the site, get suggestions on resources that should be included, a new mom group is created and moms join because I know how much support other mothers can give you.

I am also really looking forward to being able to spend more time with Isa during the week. I will be able to pick her up from day care earlier and it will not be just about coming home, eating and going to bed. We will be able to have play dates with my mom friends who are not working full time, go to the park and enjoy the nice weather that will be coming soon or just come home and play inside together.

All in all I am very happy and looking forward to what the future will bring. I will probably go off line for the rest of the week, as we get ready to open the doors.

I feel bad that I have not been able to keep up to date with all my favourite blogs, but know that I will be back and get caught up and leave a comment or two.

Cheers, everyone.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Be Back Soon

I have to apologize for not keeping up with the blogging, work has been busy and my bosses have been hanging around me.

I will be taking a short leave from blogging as I get ready to open up the store on my website. There is lots to do and very little time as we hope to have it up by April 1.

I am actually quitting my job today to put all of my attention and energy into our venture. I am so excited to do this...will let you know how it goes later on.


Monday, March 12, 2007

Not In the Mood

I am not in the mood to write today. I am tired and not very has been pretty boring today, I would have rather stayed home and been productive there than come in and do nothing.

Hopefully I will be in a better mood tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Little Bit Sad

I had two ideas for posts floating around in my head yesterday. One was about how much I hate public transportation and the second was about how happy I am about having had a girl. Then I started reading The Sweet Hereafter by Russell Banks and after that I was a basket case.

The book is told through the voices of the people that were affected by a school bus crash that killed 14 children of a small town in up state New York. Needless to say I was crying non stop, it is amazing how I cry at everything now. I have always been a very empathetic person but now since Isa was born I am worse. Not that I think that it is bad to be empathetic it is that it affects me for a very long time. When something or someone makes me happy it is great because I am in a good mood for days but when I hear or read or see something that makes me sad or angry then I am this way for long time.

This book got me thinking about losing the ones I love and how I would cope with it. I have to be honest and say that I don't know how I would react, I have never lost anyone that I loved and so I have not experienced death. As I read the part of the accident and the children dying, I kept thinking about Isa and how I would cope with her death if it came suddenly. I don't know what I would do, I don't know if I would completely shut my self in, if I will be strong enough to get help, will I let myself love someone again or will I retreat in fear of loosing that person. I just don't know and I don't want to know.

I have not spent time thinking about this for too long in the past, for the obvious reason that I just don't want to think about it. I also don't want to live in fear of what I just can't control. There are days when I think that I/ my family must really live that day like it was our last. We should appreciate being together and spend as much time together. We should not worry too much that Isa is not eating so well, that she is having problems feeding herself, that we are tired and just want to spend all day in bed, that the cat threw up again and so on. This book has reminded me of this, I will worry less about the pile of laundry that has to be done, about the mountain of dirty dishes that I have to put away and the lack of dinner, instead I will spend the short hours that I have with my Isa every weekday playing with her and cuddling her because you just never know. And lets not forget the Husband, we two must also spend time together and not just family time but couple time.

Now, I know that I will still freak out about stuff and I will forget to take my own advise and once the store is open I will be even more exhausted but the important thing is to make the effort.

Sorry for the gloomy I said things affect me. I will be in a good mood again when I finish the book, which should be tomorrow.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Have you ever been there the moment that your little one makes a discovery. Have you seen their whole face light up, their eyes widen and their lips form the faintest of smiles.

Isa made a discovery today, she was playing with a blue pen...because I am such a good mother that I let my child play with pens. Well she loves pens and she really likes this one, the good thing about this pen is that you have to click the end in order to be able to use it.

This is what Isa discovered today, she was holding it in her hand and clicked on the end. She stands there and just stares at the pen, she can't believe that it went click. So she does it again and the same thing happens. Then her eyes get bigger and she has this grin on her face. She has come to the realization that this is something very interesting and lots of fun. She looks at me and her dad and clicks again. And again and again and again and again, all the while laughing hysterically and running around the living room. The husband and I are also laughing hysterically because it is just so funny to watch your 16 moth-old hold out a pen to you, take her thumb and press hard and with purpose on the end all for the pleasure of hearing click.

We spent a good ten minutes laughing at the whole thing, Isa was extremely proud of herself and we where just absolutely gaga over her.

God, I love her so much.

Friday, March 02, 2007

F.Y.I Fridays

Attention Mamas and Papas, there will be a big Mom 2 Mom Toronto Spring sale coming up March 17, 2007 in Brampton, for details of time and location please visit their website.

I personally have never been to these sales so I cannot say how good they are but it could be worth a look. And if by chance you are interested in selling some of your own baby stuff you can rent out a table at the event. For those of you interested in selling some big stuff like cribs, strollers, exersaucers, high chairs, etc you can pay $5/ each to have your goods be sold in the big ticket item area.

I do recommend that if you are interested in going, arrive early and bring cash, I don't think that you will be able to pay with credit or debit. Also, if you see something get it because if you take too long it will be gone. It might also be a good idea to know what things you are looking for this way you can be more efficient and can focus on what you really need.
I hope to be able to go but we will see if the husband will watch Isa, as it will probably be easier sans bebé.

Have fun shopping!