Thursday, January 11, 2007

Season of Giving

This past Christmas the Husband and I decided that we would not get presents for each other and my in-laws and instead we would take the money that we would normally spend on gifts for each other and donate it to charities.

We really don't need anything and it just feels so good to give to those who can do so much with our donations. Since we have started our own business we have been very tight with our budget, but we took our money and donated to two charities.

-The Food Bank, because they can stretch the money that they receive so much more than we can. In fact they can get 1Lb of food for each dollar that we donate. This is way more than what we can get if we shop at No Frills.

-The Children's Help Phone, because children should have always have a place were they can go for advice and support.

My MIL donated to OXFAM and with her donation they were able to get 5 goats, 30 chickens, a few pigs and much more.

I can't begin to tell you how great it felt to have done this...I will certainly do this again this year and will probably make it a family tradition. I know that once we get the business off the ground and actually making some money we will be giving back more. We also hope to have links to charities that support mothers and children all over the world. As well as have some charity events.

Since I grew up in a third world county I saw poverty all the time and I say children begging on the streets with little or no clothing. I was really affected by this and have always felt like helping but for some reason I have never gotten off my butt to actually do so. Now after I had my own child I have come to discover that I really need to do something and that I don't have to jump off the deep end but calmly walk in.

And that is just what we have done...I will just take this as a start and think of over ways to help when the cash is tight. It is just that I have always hated going around to people and asking them for money, thought I could find ways of volunteering.

The moral of this post is that giving to other is so rewarding, and if you are able to do so I highly recommend that you. Give to whomever you like whatever you can because every penny goes a long way.

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