Friday, July 27, 2007

F.Y.I. Friday

It has been a while since I had an F.Y.I. Friday, but I came across a neat(do people say neat anymore?) website that I thought I would share with you.

It's an online store called Zig Zag Boutique, and they sell second-hand or 'gently used' clothing and accessories for women and children. I have to say that I will certainly give them a try for when I start looking for fall and winter clothing for Isa. Ever since she has started day care I have stopped buying her expensive clothing because she just destroys them. Isa is a little girl who likes to become one with the paint, markers, crayons, glue, sand, mud, water and any other sensory activity. Because of this I can't bring myself to buy her the beautiful and pricey clothing from Baby Gap, Baby Roots or Gymboree.

To be honest I have had a great experience with clothing from Zellers. I find that they can have some really nice things at really good prices. The clothing has also done well after going through the washer and drier a billion times. Sears also has good sales and some good brands, but you have to spend time going through their racks and there are days when I just don't have the time or energy to do it.

So I will take a look at what Zig Zag Boutique will have to offer me for fall. I am off now to return to reading Harry Potter, I cannot put it down, I have been reading it almost non-stop since yesterday.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

12 Days Later

I can't believe that I have not posted anything for 12 days now. I have been meaning to but if it's not one thing, it's another. I have also been busy with work stuff and we have an aunt from Spain visiting.

I am finding that July, like June is just flying by. Isa is booked every Saturday this month and Sundays we always go over to my in-laws. Looks like August will be the same, before you know it Fall will be here and then the dreaded winter. But I get ahead of myself. To be honest I am looking forward to the fall because so many things will be known, mostly to do with the business. I know that this is vague but I don't really know myself, which is what is causing some sleepless nights and worries. I am just looking forward to getting some answers.

Isa, as always is doing amazing. She gets smarter by the second. She has now discovered that if she says 'please' she will get something, this means that if she wants something that she is not supposed to have she would say 'please mama please' or in Isa language 'peease mama peease'.

Tomorrow we are off to hang out with the moms at the park in the morning for a little splash fun. I doubt whether Isa will actually go into the water, she has not done so this summer. I think that she finds the water too cold, she seams to take after her Nicaraguan mama who will not swim in any water that is not luke-warm. So she will probably make me hang out with her in the park while all the other kids have fun in the pool and the moms chat and stand over them.

Hopefully it will not be almost two weeks for my next post, I have been meaning to write about all the topics that I have found important to me as a first time mom with some experience but when I sit down to it, all the words escape me. We shall see when they return. Here is to a good week:)

Just a reminder that the voting for the Savvymom 'Mompreneur of the Year Award' is still open. I would certainly appreciate your support and your vote. To find out more about me Karla Zamora and you can stop by Savvymom and place a vote.

Thank you.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Still Here...barely

I see that it has been quite some time since I posted, to be honest I have not had the inclination to do it. My head has been filled with many things and some of those things have been funny, interesting blogs that I meant to get up but did not. I have also been battling some demons in the old noggin.

Today thankfully is a good day, I have gotten quite a few things accomplished which makes me feel very productive.

I don't really have one particular topic of conversation, so I will give you a run down of what BWM and the great Isa had been up to as of late. I am assuming here that you are actually interested but if you are not that's okay I understand completely.

So here it goes:

- After spending a whole week with me, Isa returned to day care. Her teacher commented on how much weight she had lost. Personally I don't see it but hey no problems. It was probably cause by me withholding almost all dairy from her life for that week as a way to stop the diarrhea.

- Being that it was so beautiful outside and that the kiddies were out for the summer holiday things were pretty quiet in the work front. Needless to say not a good thing but expected.

- We had a pretty quiet long weekend, we headed out to the Beaches on the holiday Monday with Isa to get out of our house. We usually just hang out in the village but we needed a change of scenery. All in all a good experience, Isa had a blast looking for rocks in the sand, thankfully she did not ingest that much of it as I believe she is now over sand having had enough of it at day care. The Husband and I are thinking of going back with more gear and maybe another family next time. I really enjoy the Beaches and have spent quite a great deal of time there. It used to be our hangout when we were young (pre-clubbing/drinking ages).

-This past Sunday, we had a big birthday party for all the kiddies turning 2 during the summer months in my mom group. What fun it was, I will certainly post pictures soon, I just have to find the damn cable that hooks up to the computer. Isa had a blast and I have to thank the moms who put together the party because they had so many fun things for the kids to do.
I think that a post dedicated to this day will have to be written sometime soon. Isa was hilarious and there are pictures to prove it.

That is what has been going on over here. Tomorrow we are off to a play date (weather permitting) and this Saturday we have another birthday party to attend. In fact we are actually booked for all off July, well to be more precise, Isa is booked for all of July. I am not. I guess this is what it will be like from now on:)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tragedy Strikes...Almost. Phew.

On Friday afternoon on the way to the park Isa dropped her favourite stuffed animal 'Bear'. I did not become aware of the incident until we were on our way home from the park one hour later. You can imagine my panic. Up to this point, Isa had not become aware that Bear was missing, but I knew that she could ask for him on the way home.

I don't have to tell you how worried I was, how was I going to explain to her that Bear was gone? How would she react? Cry? Scream (the most likely thing)? Will she sleep? Can I make it to the store and get another one? These were all thoughts that were going through my head as I walked home with her.

My friends whom we had gone out to meet told me that given the neighborhood that we lived in, someone probably found him and just left him somewhere where I would see him. This was my hope. So we left the park and re-traced our steps home. Nothing. No sign of Bear.

Then as we were half way home, Isa asks for him. I tell her that bear is at home (hoping that maybe she had dropped him as I was putting her into her stroller). She does not believe me, I think that she knew that she had brought him and I was keeping him away from her.

Screaming begins...I try to explain that bear was at home and that she would see him there. Screaming. I give up and begin walking pretty fast, still re-tracing our steps. People stare, she keeps crying, saying 'Bear, please' 'mama, Bear please'. You can imagine how absolutely awful I felt, by this point I wanted to cry as well.

Then, one block from home, I saw him ...Bear. He was found, I am just so happy that I almost start crying. He was hanging out with some flowers in the little bag that Isa carries him in. I am so grateful to whomever picked him up and placed him there. I think that it was probably some mother who understood the significance of the little guy.

I picked him up, brushed him off and handed it over to Isa. I know that I probably should not have done it because I don't know whom he had been hanging out with and because she had just been crying for him and having a nice tantrum, but I did not care. I was just so happy to have found him and to give him to Isa who missed him so much.

She grabbed him, smelled him and squished him real hard. The entire way home, she kept looking at him and saying 'Bear', she would show him to me and say 'mama, Bear' all the while hugging him for dear life.

Bear means the world to Isa, he is her most favourite stuffed animal. He was there for her when she transitioned to day care and helped her during the first days with no pacifier. I have got to find myself a second Bear because if we loose him again we may not be so fortunate.

Isa and Bear