Thursday, January 18, 2007


I have been having some very weird dreams lately. I am prone to have strange dreams, I think that I inherited this from my mother who has some really strange dreams. There was a point when I thought that I would keep a dream log in order to remember them but as I have stated before I am an extremely lazy person and cannot be bothered to take a minute in the morning to write them down. Frankly every second is used up for sleeping.

So I am going to share two of my most resent dreams before I forget them completely. They don't really mean anything, at least I don't think so.

Dream 1:

I had this dream the first week of January 2007 (can't remember the date) I was on vacation so it is interesting that I dreamt about my work. I will give everyone a little background on where I work. My office is located in the financial district of Toronto and in this area we have something called the P.A.T.H.( have no idea right now what it stands for) what this is is that all of the financial institutions and a few other buildings are connected underground, there are shops, restaurants, food courts and other things underground and this is where most people go during their breaks and lunch time. The building that I work in has an entrance from the P.A.T.H. which is nice and wide and there are shops around it and so forth. This is where my dream starts.

I am walking towards the doors that lead to my office, I am with someone because I am having a conversation and not really paying attention to where I am going or what is going on around us. All of a sudden we hear the fire alarms go off in the building and as we are close to our own office we decide to go out the doors of our own building since they are nearer.

We are about to walk in when there is an explosion from the entrance of our building and we are thrown down the corridor. When I open my eyes I can barely see what is going on because there is smoke everywhere. I hear people screaming and the fire alarms wailing, I don't know where the person whom I was with is but I remember that all that I could think about was getting out of here because of Isa. It was very hard to move and my body felt very heavy, I was very frustrated because I knew that I had to get out as soon as possible. I finally stand up and try to remember what is the nearest fire exit. I remember that there is one close by on my left so I try to move in the direction but it is very hard because of all the smoke, I worry that this smoke will suffocate me before I get outside. I keep saying Isa's name over and over and trying to reach the door but it seams that my body is not responding. I keep picturing the exit door and how far it is from where I stand and willing my self to reach it...and then I wake up.

This was my dream...needless to say I woke up and felt really freaking weird. I could not fall back to sleep for a very long time and kept wondering if this was some sort of premonition. Though it could mean that I did not want to return to work. I have no idea but it was pretty freaky. I gave Isa extra kisses and hugs that morning, she was like enough already put me down and let me go and chase the cat.

Dream 2:

I had this dream last night and I have been thinking about trying to get some exercise in at least once a week. I hope to one day make it to three but lets be realistic here.

I dreamt that I was in a gym and trying to find a machine to work out on, there were other people around and for some reason I realize that this cute guy is my personal trainer (don't worry this is a PG dream) so I get onto a machine, I think that it is some sort of elliptical thing and start working out. I don't really feel like I am doing anything but the guys is telling me that I really need to work harder and that I should concentrate. Then for some reason he goes somewhere and this woman comes up to me and tells me that she too is a personal trainer at this other gym near my place. I am interested in this because maybe I can go to that gym instead of this one that seams to be far away. She also tells me that this machine will not help me loose fat because it does most of the work for me. So I get off and she takes me to another machine...then I wake up.

Not a very fun and exciting dream...there was a moment there where it could have gone the R-rated route but did not. I guess that I have this working out thing on my mind more than I realized. This has always been an issue for me...I have never been an extremely active person. Though I go for walks on the weekends with Isa and run around after her, I was never involved in sports as a kid let alone now as an adult. The Husband plays tennis every Saturday with his dad and he golfs and used to play Rugby. I took a few tennis lessons but nothing came off it ( I really suck).

So these are two of my most resent dreams...I will try to share a couple of them every once in a while if they are interesting or I have nothing to write about.

I think that Isa only dreams of the cat, whom she adores to pieces.

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something blue said...

Your first dream was very scary.

I have the craziest subconscious. Two nights ago I had a series of bizarre, evil dreams. After waking up and falling asleep several times, the horrible nightmares just continued so I gave up trying to sleep and just got up.

I would love to know what my daughters dream about!