Saturday, August 25, 2007

Where Did She Learn That?

I am writing you this post from my new Sony Vaio laptop, the Husband went to the mall today with Isa of all people while I took at wee nap (about 3 hours long, please try not to hate me) and surprised me with it. It is meant to assist me in my work which means that I can write posts while I watch tv after Isa is in bed and not worry about waking her up with the noisy keyboard that we have. hurray.

Well, now that I have shared my new news, I am going to share a very interesting incident that occurred at day care the other day. One of Isa's day care teachers told a very interesting thing on Friday. It seams that little Miss Isa has learned the art of deception if you will. Listen to this, you all know how she is in LOVE with her 'Bear' and that she takes him everywhere. Well, at school (day care) she is not allowed to take him to the playground because he will get dirty and the other children are also not allowed to take their security objects with them as well. Well, Isa was playing with Bear and her teacher asked her to please put Bear away because they were now going outside.

What does Isa do, you ask? She takes her hat and hides Bear in it and tries to sneak him outside. Can you believe it? Well, her teacher is in awe of her because Isa tells her in a calm voice that Bear is away and that she is now going outside. Meanwhile she is cluthing her hat agaings her chest and trying to sneak him into the playground. The child is something.

Her teacher told me that she was really impressed that she would go to such lengths to take Bear with her. Me, I am trying hard not to laugh, while on the inside I am really worried because it shows just how much she loves the thing. What am I going to do if something happens to him? I am in so much trouble.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Brain Is Going To Explode

I have been doing quite a great deal of research lately that I feel like my brain is going to burst. Even though I need to take a breather for half an hour I thought that I would take five minutes to write. I meant to post yesterday but I had Isa with me as we had a play date that afternoon, as you all know, I can't spend more than two minutes sitting at the computer before she starts having a breakdown. I really have to work on this problem, but knowing me I will just let it be and just not work in front of her.

Well, what can I say that is remotely interesting and worth reading. Not much I'm afraid. I find that now that Isa is older there are 'less' things that are funny or embarrassing(for me). This is not to say that she does not have her moments, like the crayola incident but now I forget faster and if I don't take the trouble to jot things down they are lost.

One little funny thing, which maybe only be funny and cute to me is that now she is calling herself 'Ita', she can't say Isa and for sure she can't say her full name. So now it is always, 'Ita shoes' or 'Ita up', 'Ita bear' and so on. I think that it is hilarious and sometimes I actually catch myself calling her Ita, but really I should be calling her by her full name so that she eventually uses it. I am just so lazy when it comes to names, I have always given people short names, if I could have found a nice short version of my name I would have used it but you can't do much with Karla...Kar does not work for me.

What other useless tidbit can I share....let me think...I guess that I can share some of the new developments in the eating and bathing routine. It seams that Isa has lost any interest in all kinds of foods, now she will only eat dairy products (cheese, milk, yogurt), peanut butter, bread, avocados and strawberries, oh and she will each sweet bad things like cakes and chocolate(she is my daughter after all). This is all! You can imagine my frustration as every attempt at getting her to have a nice cooked meal fails. So I have taken a step back and decided not to fight her on it, now I give her what she likes. Though I always offer the food that is available for dinner for her to try, maybe one day she is accept it.

One thing that has helped me keep my sanity is that she does eat cooked food at the day care. Why you may ask? As I have mentioned before, it is due to a thing called 'peer pressure', this maybe bad for teenagers but a wonderful thing for toddlers. So she gets vegetables and meat during the week at day care. Sad but true.

Now for the bathing routine, for some reason, I have no idea why or when or how it happened, Isa HATES to have her hair washed. She screams and squirms and tries to get away from the water. She is okay with having shampoo in her hair she just hates it when it is time to have it rinsed. I wish I knew when we freaked her out for the first time or whether this is just her thing. This means that I have to be quick about the whole rinse and deal with the screams that come out of her. In toddler fashion, as soon as it is over she is all smiles and happiness. What's up with this?

Well, it looks like I have spent more than five minutes on this post, but I needed to write the new developments down before the next batch arrives.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Off With Their Heads!

Over the last few months now, Isa has really begun to enjoy painting and drawing and though she does quite a great deal of both at day care she does not have many supplies at home. It took me too long to realize just how much fun she has and how much fun I have playing with her and getting all messy with her. So the last time I was at the store I picked up a big pad of paper, paints and crayolas for her.

Well, we were coloring just yesterday and after some time I had to leave her by herself at her little desk and do some house work. I figured that since she was happily scribbling that I could probably get quite a lot done. Well, I did but there was a small cost. After I finished doing as much as possible I went in to check on her. I noticed that her cheeks were bulging, I look down at her hand and the she held crayon had been decapitated. So I ask her as I open her mouth to investigate if she has been eating the crayon? Needless to say she is adamantly shaking her head no as I open her mouth and find a kaleidoscope of colours. I look around at the other crayons scattered on her pad and notice that many have had a little taken off the top.

My first thought is nooooo not the new crayons, then I try to hold in the laughter that is threatening to escape because Isa looks hilarious trying to close her mouth in other to keep her crayon tops in. In the end I stick my finder in her mouth and scoop out the stuff and try to get as much as possible. I was not able to get everything as she was not a willing participant of the removal of the crayons and her teeth are sharp. I am just thankful that they are non toxic.

It looks like I have to make sure that when I get her markers that they too are non toxic because if she is like this with the crayons, imagine what she will do to the markers. Can't wait to try out the paints.

Friday, August 10, 2007

And Then There Were Three

I have mentioned many times that Isa LOVES her small little bear like it was her own baby. Her 'Bear' is very much just like her in her mind and whatever she does he has to do as well. This means that if she eats, he eats, if she has to put on sunscreen then he has to have some as well, if it is time to put on sock, then Bear has to have socks on as well... you get the picture.

I have also mentioned how we almost lost Bear a while back and since then I have been on the hunt for a back-up bear. I have gone into countless stores trying to find the same one, because she will certainly not accept anything else. Unfortunately it looks like her Bear has either been discontinued or he is just not that popular because I can't find him anywhere.

Well, on our way back from Ottawa with my mother in law, we stopped by to get gas at this nice place called The Flying J. As we walk in we see that they have a huge display of Ty Baby toys and head over to see if another bear is there. No such luck. Isa on the other hand is grabbing anything and everything she can carry in her two little hands and calling out 'mine, mine'. My MIL and I are rumeging through the selection to see if we can find a comparable, as we are doing this Isa spots this nice little cat and starts getting excited. This little cat has the same feel of Bear but obviously is not a bear, and she knows that. She keeps saying 'gaco' which means cat and is walking away with it. So my MIL says, well why don't we get her that and slowly take Bear away. So we look for a second little cat which will be the backup. Unfortunately Isa sees us and dives for the second one.

She is all excited because now she has two 'gacos'. Big Mistake. Big Mistake. Instead of solving the problem of one bear we now have the problem of one bear and two cats. She has to go to sleep with all three of them, and all three of them must be present everywhere. I was able to draw the line at taking them to daycare so only Bear gets to go, but now I have to figure out how to remove one of the cats without her getting too upset. I think that I will give it time and see if she gets bored with them.

In the end I still have to find another Bear because she is not giving him up, any other toys is just an extra and not a replacement.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Party Time

As promised, here are some pictures of Isa at the birthday party for all the children in my amazing mom group who turned 2 during the summer. Enjoy:)

We are off to Wakefield, Quebec for the weekend and I am so looking forward to my mother-in-law's delicious cooking, lots of nice conversations and a good amount of drinking. Oh and all the nice outdoorsy stuff that we do in the country like having bonfires, swimming in lakes, sipping a nice cold beer while lying on a hammock as you watch your child run around naked as the day she was born and loving it.

So without further ado here is the great Isa. Needless to say she had a blast. She ate a ton of guacamole dip with nachos, as many strawberries as she could get her hands on, two cupcakes (hers and mine), lots of soap and who knows what else.

As soon as we arrived, Isa spotted the balloons and had to have one. She held onto the thing like it was her life line. She never let go.

There was a station set up for the kids to blow bubbles, at this time Isa did not know how to blow . In the end all she did was get completely full of soap and scream any time one of the other kids wanted to play. She is very possessive.

And she is off...see that even when she is off sailing she will not let go of her balloon.

Isa decided that her hands were not picking up enough cake so she took matters into her own mouth. By the end all the other kids where bobbing for cupcakes. It was hilarious.

And that is all...afterwards I took her home and tried to help her get down from her sugar high. Though she is used to sweet things so she does not get that hyper.

Soon it will be time for the second round of birthdays...the Fall babies are turning 2.