Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Winter Wonderland

I was born in a country with a very nice Hot climate and moved here when I was a young girl so you would think that I would be used to the cold weather by now. But no, this is not the case...I hate winter...I know that we have had an extremely mild winter and really I should not complain but I just can't help it.

To tell you the truth, I don't hate the cold per se but I do hate the slush and the ice. I hate this even more now that I have to push a stroller every day.

Yesterday, being our first really bad winter day, I headed over to pick up Isa early so that I could make sure to make the pick up time. I was so excited that I got there early and that this would mean that we would be home before it got dark and could spend more time together. This did not happen.

Isa decided that she did not want to go home...she was having too much fun with the toys and the other kids. I had to bribe her to get into her snowsuit. This did not work as well as I had hoped because as soon as she got the object that she wanted she did not want to stand still for me to get her dressed.

Once I was able to pry her from her friends and her toys and go out into the hallway, I had to set her down so that I could put on my boots. She took this opportunity to run down the corridor towards the other rooms were the bigger kids are. So I had to chase after her, pick her up and attempt to get into her stroller. But she was having none of this she started arching her back and screaming to be let down.

So I gave up...I put on her winter boots, her hat and gloves and we walked out the day care hand in hand. With me pushing the god damn stroller through the slush.

She was in heaven...she was squealing and giggling and just having a blast. I was just exhausted...mostly because it had taken so much energy to get her out of the building and then trying to help a 15 month old walk through snow that reached up to her knees; with freaking cold temperatures.

We walked for what seams like hours and I finally had enough and decided that I will have to put up with the wailing and screaming in order to get her into her stroller. Thankfully the wailing did not last for too long. Now I had to push the freaking stroller through muddy sidewalks to the bus stop.

The only good thing that happened is that I was able to catch an accessible bus within two minutes and made it home in 15 minutes. I have to say that I missed the days when she would be so happy to see me in the afternoons. Now when I go and pick her up she barely even looks at me let alone come running to me and not letting me put her down.

I know that in a way I should be happy that she is doing so well at day care and that she is very well adjusted but I would just wish that she would at least want to go home. Though I really can't blame the kid...they have fun toys at day care and there are all these nice kids to play with. Hell even I would like to stay.

I just have to find ways to make her interested in going home...I have no idea what that will be. It used to be that she would always get her soother when she went home; but we have stopped doing this...so this won't work. I don't know...will think of something or put up with the fighting and hope that eventually she will out grow it.

I have to say that I am ready for winter to be over...at least for the freezing rain and the slush and freezing temperatures. I will accept the nice snowy days with temperatures around zero or slightly bellow.

Here is to another day fighting with a 15 month old to get into her snowsuit, her winter boots and her stroller. Oh, the fun.

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Her Bad Mother said...

I had the exact same experience with WB last month, in the rain. Thankfully, we have a SUV stroller that is hell in good weather (HEAVY) but rolls like a dream through snow. Still, even the Hummer-est stroller doesn't make much of a diff when baby insists upon WALKING.

And, hear ya on the cold. Am from Vancouver, where (prior to global warming) it never snowed, and rarely dropped below freezing. have been in TO going on seven years and am still not used to it.