Monday, June 04, 2007

You've Gotta Read This!!

I was going around visiting my favourite bloggers on Friday and came upon Metro Mama's post on May's ROFL Awards which stands for Roll On the Floor Laughing. The award is bestowed on deserving bloggers who make us laugh so hard that our stomach muscles hurt the next day.

So being the good lurker that I am I went and took a look at what all the fuss was about. And let me tell you that there are some seriously funny ones, in fact I am going to share the ones that I found incredibly funny and so clever.

My absolute favourite is Mad Hatter's Blog called Under The Mad Hat and her post titled The Local Chapter.

The post is on the annual general meeting of the Storybook Character's Union. All I can say is that it was brilliantly writen. Mad Hatter was able to capture the many characters that we read to our little ones on a nightly basis so well. You can totally picture the meeting with the characters all present and each bring forth their concerns and complaints from Job Security due to the child growing up and no longer reading the baby books, to Extended Health Care for the Pop-Up books due to enthusiasm of the child. Hysterical.

Another funny funny post is The New Girl's Memo to My Immune System. You have to stop by and read because it is just too funny, in fact I found most, if not all of her posts hilarious. I think that this blog will have to be added to my list of daily reads because if she is this funny before the baby, she will be freaking gut-busting once she has the baby. She reminds me very much of Martinis For Milk, Scarbi Doll's post when she was preggers with her son would have you pissing your pants every time. If you have the time and inclination or would like a pick-me-up you should take a look at her archive of posts, they will certainly bring a tear to your eyes.

Something wonderful for me that came out of these ROFL awards was the inclusion of a blogger called Kgirl and her blog The Kids Are Alright. She used to write under another name but for personal reasons had to abandon her blog, I guess that she has re-surfaced again as Kgirl and is back to posting. This is great, as I loved her style of writing and found her blog extremely entertaining. She too will be another addition to my daily reads for sure. Don't ask me when I will find the time to read all these people, I guess that Isa will just have to learn how to get her own food and put herself to bed.

There you have it top three. I highly recommend that you take a look at all the nominees and pick your own favourites.

Laughter on Monday morning is a must, specially on a rainy Monday morning. Cheers.

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