Monday, June 11, 2007

Never Again in a Million Years. Ever.

Oh boy, did I make a HUGE mistake on Saturday.

Let me explain:

I was invited by a good friend of mine, Xime who has a daughter the exact same age as Isa with the same name (Bella) to go over to her place so that the girls could play and we could hang out and chat. She asked if I wanted to come by in the morning, say at around 9 am, so that we could take the girls to the park and be back for them to have a nap.

I was like, sure, I should be able to make it there for around that time. After all Isa wakes up at 7 am, which gives us more than enough time. Unfortunately I had a terrible night and was really really tired the next morning. I asked the Husband to get up with the girl and to wake me up with just enough time to get ready and go.

Well, being that we live in a condo, with the living room next to the bedroom and a verbally happy little girl, I did not get much sleep. I think that I got a good 20 extra mins. No worries I thought, I will take a nap when she naps in the afternoon.

So off we went to our play date. We make it there for 9:30 am and head out in a wagon with the two girls sitting facing each other. By mistake we decide to bring a ball, needless to say they both want the ball, so I go and get Isa her ball. But she does not only wants her ball but she wants the other ball. Finally we get them to settle down with the balls, each one is carrying one ball. This happy period lasts for a total of 5 mins and just as we were just too far from the house to go back they start going at it again. Solution, take both balls away. Which means that we have to carry the annoying things four blocks to the park.

On the way to the park, Xime suggests that we get a nice coffee (I was in serious need of one as I had not had time for one before I left). We stop at the coffee place and she goes in to order for the both of us as we could not bring in the big ass wagon. So I stand outside with the girls, and the crying begins. Bella begins to fuss and whine because she wants to get out of the wagon and go with her mom. Isa begins to whine because she wants the balls back. And there I am on a busy sidewalk standing in front of a fancy coffee shop with two screaming little girls in a wagon holding onto two balls trying to figure out what to do. So I give them the freaking balls and start moving the wagon around in circles near the store window.

Xime comes out with the coffees and tells me that I should go in to put the sugar and milk in mine while she watches the girls. I knew before I went that Isa was going to throw a big fit as soon as I was not right beside her. So I warn her and tell her not to worry that I will be as fast as possible.

I go and Isa freaks. I can hear her wailing outside, I quickly put sugar and milk in my coffee
and go back. All is well in the world now.

So now we have two restless little girls, two scalding hot coffees, two balls and one cumbersome wagon. Before we go to the park Xime would like to stop at this specialty train store that Bella likes to go into. To be honest I was a little worried at this point because I have no idea how Isa was going to react to it. Also, I felt a little embarrassed walking into this store with a huge red wagon, food, and two screaming little girls. But Xime reassured me that it was always busy with kids and that the owners did not say anything. So off went.

Thankfully the stop at the train shop went relatively well, there was only one little episode which was dealt with quickly and with food. Xime and I were able to finish our coffees while the girls played with the train sets and get caught up on gossip.

Once we finished our coffees and the girls were played out we headed out to the park. Needless to say that they did not want to get back into the wagon being as they had already been let out. Thankfully I was able to get Isa back into the thing with food as a bribe. This never fails me.

At the park the girls go nuts, they actually have a great time and really
enjoy themselves. Xime and I spend the entire time chasing after them and making sure they don't kill themselves. I always find the parks extremely dangerous for little kids and so it really stresses me out, but that folks is for another post.

Well, before I know it it's 11:30 and Isa usually has her afternoon nap at this time. Oh no. I don't panic right away, after all, I figure that she can hold off until 12:30 or so. I tell Xime that we have to get going as Isa needs to get home to sleep. We start to head back but Bella refuses to go into the wagon. She wants to walk. By herself. Her mom is not happy about this and tries hard to hold her hand but she wont have it.

In the end I got home at 1:00, Isa fell asleep in the car, which was expected. I quickly get her out of the car seat hoping that she will not freak out and startle herself. No luck. I rush home and as soon as I am through the door, start taking off shoes and hat, as we head straight to the crib. I am hoping that she will just pick up where she left off. No such luck.

In the end she did not go back to sleep, the only sleep that she got that day were the 20 mins in the car. Needless to say we were both a wreck the entire day, I was tired and she was exhausted and we both could not go to sleep. I even tried to take a nap with the Husband taking care of Isa but she spent the entire time crying over one thing or another. It was just awful.

So that was a very big lesson learned. Respect the girl's nap time. I think that if I go back to visit Xime in the morning I will have Isa take her nap at her place or make sure that we are home by 11:30. Because I am never doing that again. Ever.

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