Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This and That, That and This

This post is about some of the special things that Isa has been doing lately. I want to write them down so as not to forget, cause we all know that it happens.

- She has finally started calling me mama. When I was teaching her to call me mama, I would touch my chest and say 'mama' then touch her and say 'Isa'. But instead of calling me mama she would touch her chest and say 'mama'. Then she started to think that the shirt was called mama so she would touch my shirt and say mama and then touch her own shirt. But now she knows that I'm mama. She never had a problem with papa because I would always call out 'here is papa' and so on. Needless to say I was so happy when she finally made the connection.

- She gives people hugs and puts out her cheek to be kissed when someone asks her. Its funny because she will give you a kiss if you ask for a 'beso' which means kiss in Spanish but if you ask for a 'kiss' she will give you her cheek for you to kiss her.

- Every morning when she leaves for day care she says 'bye mama, I yo you' and reaches up to me for a kiss. This just makes me not want to let her go.

- When she goes off to day care she must have her purse, this cute little bunny thing that her aunt got her for Easter with her sippy cup in it. She must also carry her favourite stuffed toy 'bear' on her other arm.

- At school, we have been told that she loves her sensory activities, like painting and playing with goop. She loves it so much that they have to change her out of her clothes and put her into day care clothes because she bathes herself with the paint. I never know in what state I am going to find her in when I pick her up. Its just too funny.

- She has been responsible for teaching her class mates Spanish. Her favourite teacher Carrie speaks Spanish and ever since Isa joined the toddler room she likes to speak Spanish to Isa as much as possible. So the other children have learned as well and actually ask Carrie for certain things in Spanish such as 'leche' which means milk, and 'agua' which means water. The day care people just laugh at how the other children can pronounce the words so well, probably better than Isa.

- Isa's speaking and vocabulary is improving, though she still does not pronounce things correctly she is consistent with her words and many times knows both the English and Spanish word for something.

I just love this stage, we have quite a lot of fun together, though there are times when all I want is for her to take a nap so that I can have some quiet time.

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