Friday, June 01, 2007

Isa's Top 10 'Dislikes'

I was going to call this post the top things that Isa HATES but hate is such a strong word that I decided to go with dislikes.

The list has gotten longer, though some things have not gone away, I guess that it is only expected as she gets older and she is exposed to more things. So without further delay here is the list:

1. Cold Milk. Isa will not have her milk if it has not been warmed up. She could be starving but she will refuse it and sometimes throw it back at me if the temperature is not right.

2. No socks. She has to have socks on all the time. It can be disgustingly hot outside but she still needs to wear socks. I am able to persuade her to not wear socks with her sandals thank goodness.

3. Eating without a bib. I know this is a funny one, but Isa must have a bib on her before she eats.

4. Mommy holding other baby. She freaks out if I hold another child, be it a baby or toddler. It does not matter that I tell her that it is not my baby but right now she cannot comprehend this and so she starts crying and trying to climb on me so that I pick her up.

5. The stroller coming to a stop with her in it. Now if she is in the stroller, it must be moving. If it comes to a stop then it is time for her to get out. This means that when I have to wait for the bus after I pick her up from daycare, I actually have to walk back and forth at the bus stop. Can you believe the things you will do.

6. Her Hat. When the weather started getting warmer and it was necessary for her to wear her hat she would REFUSE. She would cry and take it off and would not let us put it on her. Thankfully daycare has helped us with this little problem, there she has no choice but to wear her hat to be able to go outside. Also all her little friends have one so she will wear one. Ah, peer-pressure. Such a wonderful thing with a toddler.

7. Empty hands. The girl needs to have at least 5 things in each hand in order to be happy. She prefers pens and other long and sharp things but she will settle for purses, bracelets, cards (like mom's credit card or driver's licence) and her favourite, markers. In order for you to take something from her you must offer something in exchange and it had better be good or she will not take you up on it.

8. Her hair washed. She screams every time I wash her hair, you would think that she was in extreme pain by her screams when I wash her hair. I don't understand it, because it is a baby shampoo and the water is at a good temperature. She is okay with me putting on the shampoo but not taking it off.

9. Waiting. Isa like probably many toddlers hates to wait for things. If she wants something, she must have it NOW. Understandably she has no sense of 'in a minute', if she does not get want she wants when she wants it she breaks down and we have to calm her down before she gets the object.

10. Mommy at the computer. Isa really hates it when I am at the computer desk, she comes up to me and begs, whines, or cries to be picked up and to sit on my lap. It does not matter that her father was playing nicely with her, if she sees me at the computer she drops everything and runs towards me. What's up with that?

There you have it, Isa's top 10 list.

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Carly said...

My daughter, Lucy, 15 months, does EXACTLY the same thing (re: #10). She wants to be picked up or brings me toys, then gets upset that I actually take them (godforbid), or tries to poke the test button on the carbon monoxide detector while saying "no-no-no-no" just to get attention.

I think it's jealousy. Even though Lucy will be completely ignoring me, the second she hears the click-clack of the keys she's here. Jerk. Good thing she's so damn cute.