Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Sunday Blues

I have always had what some call the Sunday Blues, on Sundays I would get a little sad that the weekend was over and that I had to either go to school the next day or go to work.

I read in Cosmo, a long time ago that it was a good idea to do something that you really enjoy on Sundays to minimize the Sunday Blues. So I would usually spend it doing my favourite things like reading a good book, hanging out with friends, going for walks in Bloor West and having a very nice dinner with the Husband and watching some good t.v.

After Isa was born and I was back to work, my Sunday Blues got even worse because it meant that I would not spend as much time with her. My working weeks were very busy and thankfully they went quickly.

But now I have no more Sunday Blues, I can spend as much time with Isa as I want during the week. If I feel like keeping her home from daycare one day I can. Or she can go to daycare and I can pick her up early and we can go on play dates with her little friends.

I am just so grateful to have this opportunity.

Here is to the end of my Sunday Blues.


Mimi said...

At my house we call it 'the Sundays'--Pynchon used to get it real bad, because he hates his job. I used to get it, oddly, when I was on mat leave, because it was not good for me being home all day by myself with a really crabby baby. Now that he's on leave and I'm back at work, sundays are great ... we both love our jobs now.

I'm just worried about when Pynchon goes back to work (he's looking for a new job) and Miss Baby goes to daycare. We'll all be nervous.

Ack. Yay for you on getting rid of your Sunday Blues!

Her Bad Mother said...

CHEERS to you. Every day can be like Sunday. In the best way.