Sunday, April 08, 2007

Let The Hunt Begin

I was so wrong about how Isa would react to the Easter egg hunt. As I said, we went over to my in-laws to celebrate Easter and they bought a ton of little Easter eggs and bunnies for the five kids including Isa to search throughout the house.

In the end they decided to only hide the eggs in the living room and to have most within Isa's reach. I was very skeptical as to how much Isa would be able to participate. But boy was I totally wrong. As soon as she got her basket and saw the other kids looking for the eggs, she knew exactly what she had to do. It was incredible to see the focus in her little face, she looked everywhere for the little eggs. Unbelievable. It was hilarious to see her searching under the sofa, in the plants, on the coffee table, everywhere for her chocolate. In fact she even learned how to say chocolate. chote.

We were all just laughing so hard, it was incredibly fun to see her doing this. I have to say that I enjoyed it and that it will have to be a family tradition because she has so much fun.

Needless to say she got to enjoy the fruits of her labour and was just wired. Thankfully I was able to calm her down with a nice bath and was in bed at her usual time.

A wonderful Easter was had by all, round two happens in a couple of weeks at my other in-laws in Ottawa. Isa is going to start thinking that this happens all the time.


Mimi said...

Oh geez this sounds like fun: I can hardly wait for next year here, when Miss Baby will be nearly two!

Did *you* get to eat your share of chocolate? :-)

Mimi said...

Oh! And it's nice to see you back!