Saturday, April 14, 2007

Everyone is a Critic

I have been having some problems in the feeding department with Isa lately. I mentioned before how she will only eat things that are just solid or mushy but certainly not both. This means that she will not have lumpy mashed potatoes or soup with chunks of veggies or meat.

Not a problem, we learned about this particular eating requirement early and took steps to ensure that it was met. The problem is that I always have to think of something different to make her for meals. She will not have many of the things I make because they violate her requirements, ie. spaghetti sauce with meat and veggies or any nice home made soup.

Thankfully she is a great eater when she gets food that she loves, like cheese, yogurt, avocados, bread, pasta with tomato sauce and eggs. And she especially likes to sit at the table with us while we have our meals. This is something that both the Husband and I have taken very serious. But it sure is hard because before I would get so much house work done when she was happily strapped to her high chair. Now I have to make sure that the meal that everyone will be having is prepared for the times that she eats. Needless to say this only works on the weekends.

Ahhh, I miss the days when she would take just about anything, now she has standards.

So for those reading this article, if you are a parent of a baby that is just starting solids and is eating everything you give them with no problems, enjoy it, because Isa was like that and now she is not. On the other hand if your little one is not so keen on the solid stuff right away, don't fret because I know many babies who were like this who now eat anything their parents give them. And then there are the lucky ones whose child always loves food. If you are such a parent, don't tell us.
The moral of the story is that you just never know how it will be in the future and that you just have to adjust. Experiment and don't freak out if they wont eat something today because they can change their minds tomorrow.


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Gabriella said...

I can so relate!