Friday, April 27, 2007

Traffic, Doctor and Shots Oh My

Yesterday I had to take Isa for her 18 month shots, normally this is not a big deal, I am quite used to doing this as we have had to go for shots pretty much every six months. I now know what to expect, but man was it absolutely awful yesterday.

First, let me start with some background information. I live in the west end of the city (hence my name) but before I moved over here I used to live in the opposite side of the city. Because of this my family doctor is located in the East end. Before Isa was born, I had a lot of difficulties finding her a doctor on this end of the city, at least one that was recommended by someone and the problem was that many family doctors are now not taking new patients (I will not go into this issue because we can be here all day). In the end I decided that she will also go to see my own family doctor. And to tell you the truth it has really worked out well so far (expect for the distance).

On a good day (light traffic) it takes about 40 minutes to get to the doctor. Yesterday it took one hour. The traffic was horrendous, at one point I was moving at 40 Km/h on the highway, I was ready to pull out my hair.

To make matters worse Isa was throwing things around and getting upset because I could not give them back to her on demand (this too is another post in itself). I tried keeping her from having a total melt down by signing songs to her. This distracted her only for the duration of the signing which meant that by the end I had no voice left.

Thankfully we got to the doctor in time and did not have to wait too long for her to see us. The examination went very well, with Isa crying only a little bit but she calmed down pretty fast.

The icing on the cake was our trip home. By this time it was 6:30 close to Isa's bed time and it would take us at least 45 minutes to get home. Well let me tell you that it took us one hour. There was an accident on the highway and no possibility of exiting. By the time we got home we were both just frustrated and exhausted. I got the Husband to give her a bath, put her to bed and make dinner.

She had some problems falling asleep which was expected as she was really tired, but eventually she did and slept all night with no problems.

Needless to say I was done for the night, all I could do was sit in front of the tv and watch Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy.

At least we don't have to go back until she turns two and no more shots till school. Hurray for that.

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