Monday, April 23, 2007

Family Traditions

I was reading a very nice post by Mimi on the Breach yesterday, were she talked about her family's tradition of going to the local greasy spoon restaurant for brunch. This got me thinking about my own traditions, like Mimi, we too loved to go to our neighbourhood greasy spoon restaurant for some eggs, bacon and pancakes but now with Isa reaching her toddler years and not being able to stay put in one place for longer than 10 minutes, we have stopped going. Instead we have very nice big breakfasts at home just the three of us.

It is interesting how I have always had some kind of weekend breakfast tradition. When I was a younger we would have a big breakfast every Saturday, with my dad cooking up some amazing pancakes and all five of us sitting down to chat and read the Saturday Star. I would always read the Comics, my brother the Sports and my dad the Wheels section. These were really special times for all of us, I am thankful that we did have them as now we only see each other once a year.

It is certainly true that many of my family's traditions revolve around food. At Christmas a very important tradition is preparing our special holiday stuffing. It is an all day event with pretty much everyone in the family contributing to it's preparation. My mother and I also have our own mother-daughter tradition of having a nice cup of coffee in the evenings after dinner and chatting about anything. This is something that we started when I was a teenager before she went back to Nicaragua. I love this time of just the two of us because we got to talking about important things in both of our lives.

What traditions do you have?

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Mimi said...

What's funny is that my family never really had this kind of tradition--we have some Xmas rituals, of course, but we're not really a brunching people. That's my innovation ;-)

Your brunches sound nice! I like to make big brunches at home, too. But with Miss Baby being so young, it's easier at this point to go out than it is to stay in. Funny, eh?