Friday, September 29, 2006

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

With the mornings getting cooler I have decided to wear a hat. The reason for wearing one is that I always wash my hair in the mornings because I am too damn lazy to wash it the night before and blow dry it. So, I have this nice black hat that makes me look like I am Carmen Sandiego . I felt very self-conscious walking to work today because everyone kept staring at me...I like to think that maybe they thought that I was a celebrity trying to hide my identity but since I was riding the subway at 7:30 in the morning this could not possible be the case. Which means that I probably looked like a freak. I like my original thought, it makes me feel better.

I have to confess that I have been doing nothing at work this morning since I came in at 8am...I was catching up on my mommy blogs and trying to not laugh out loud at the funny stuff posted. Sadly many of the moms who write these blogs have been feeling down and have thought of even stopping their blogs, I really hope that they don't because they really gave me a great deal of support in the first few months after Preciosa was born. They wrote about the struggles that they experienced and how they were up at 4 am every morning feeding their little made me think every morning when I fed Preciosa that in another house in Toronto another mama was also up feeding their little one. There are many times when you feel very alone as a is good to know that you are not...that is why I love the blogs and it is one of the reasons why I started mine.

I am going to cut this blog short because I have to get back to looking productive....just kidding.

I have other things to talk about but don't have time right now...stay tuned...

cheers everyone!

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