Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What's in a Name?

Hurray, I got my first comment...how exciting for me. The comment came from my good friend who wishes to be called Spunky on the blog. Now, she thought that I had called her a "goof friend" but that was a typo and I was not referring to her(sorry about that Spunky).

But this comment got me thinking about names and the name that we want to be called on-line. I wanted to have a really cool name for my blog but frankly I lack the imagination to come up with one. So if any of my friends would like to make suggestions please leave me a comment and I will pick the one that I like the most.

Names can also really hurt us and choosing the right name is very important. I don't want to call anyone by something that they find offensive because that is not my intention (unless I don't like you, in that case you are out of luck). So I vow to come up with a cool name but I do apologize in advance if what I think is cool is so not what you think is cool.

Now I will tell you all what I did this weekend (because you obviously care, and if you don't...well too bad):

1) I took care of two sick babies...The Sexy and La Preciosa were sick over the weekend. My poor husband had to work sick all weekend and I was a single mother this weekend because he had to work on something that is very important for us. This means that I can't bitch about the fact that he was not able to help me that much.

2) I had a very nice get together with Spandex Woman and Spunky on Sunday and we got caught up on our lives and had great pizza made by the husband. (the pizza was awesome with homemade dough)

3) Spend most of the weekend doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen and chasing a snotty, crawling little one around.

So that ladies and gentlemen is my weekend in a nut shell.

Today I am meeting up with my mom friends for drinks and sugar(aka dessert), I am so looking forward to it.

ciao ciao

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