Monday, September 25, 2006


The title really describes how I feel today...I had two cool topics to talk about on the blog on Sunday at 4 am but I can't remember either of them.

So this will be a very boring blog because after work I have no creative juice left in me. Its incredible just how freaking tired and BLAH I am afterwork. After I come home with Preciosa and we spend our time together and I put her to bed, I am totally done. The small brust of energy that I get while we are together is gone as soon as I put her to bed. I hope that things will improve...because if I want to get the business going I will have to do work after she is in bed.

I have been thinking about organizing my blog but I have yet to figure out how I will do this. In other blogs that I read there are certain headings used for certain days, for example every wednesday has a certain title. The one day that I think I know what I will call it is Friday. From now on, if I post a blog on Friday it shall be called TGIF (Thank Goodness Its Friday...not an original name but it truelly is how I feel every friday). I will try to come up with another title for the posts at a later date.

Since I have just started I don't really need to have things fully figured out yet.

I am going to be going now because the little one will not go to sleep...she can probably hear the keboard as I type.


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