Friday, September 01, 2006

Bienvenida amiga

Welcome back to my good friend Spandex Woman from touring her home country of the Philippines and other parts of Asia. She was greatly misses by all of us and we are glad that she is back, specially since she brought us gifts.

Yesterday I stayed home with La Preciosa because she had a fever the day before and we wanted to make sure that she was feeling okay. Thankfully she was totally fine and we got to enjoy a beautiful day together and meet up with Spandex Woman. Though as sick as this may sound, I actually missed work ( I know that I am a terrible mother). But really I did, I can honestly say that three weeks ago I was crying to my husband about not wanting to go back to work and leaving the baby. Feeling guilty about putting her in day care and not being with her 24/7 to witness all of the incredible things that she does all day long.

But I can tell you now, after being back at work for 2 weeks that its really not that bad. In fact I admitted to a good friend that I was happy that La Preciosa was in day care because she is at a stage where she needs so much stimulation and though as her mother she can totally get it from me, she can also get it from others. Especially the wonderful women at her day care who care a great deal for all of their "kids".

La Preciosa has so much fun at day care and we have quality time together as a family after work and during the weekends. Its incredible how we appreciate the time that the three of us have together. Weekends are sacred and we take advantage of them. The one thing that we have to figure out is the housework. How I hate housework!

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Anonymous said...

Hey I don't think I appreciate you calling me a goof friend. And I want to be called Spunky in your blog, not Whinny, or Wiener. Just Spunky.

When I grow tired of Spunky, I will get my people to call your people.