Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back to the Grind

Well it looks like I am finally back to work. Yesterday I was introduced to the team that I will be working with and got to go to a couple of meetings that pertained to the project that we will be working on.

I was so happy to finally get to sit with them and take a look at what they have been doing and what is expected of me. How pathetic am I to actually want to work but if I have nothing to do and just surf the web all freaking day it gets SO BORING.

I am one of those persons that though I can spend an entire day at home doing absolutely nothing and love it, I just can't do that at work. So work is fine and only fine. There are still some things that I have to iron out with management but overall I am finally starting to get back in the swing of things. I am also starting to get used to going on the TTC (Toronto subway) during rush hour and walking with the herd of people to The Bank.

Yesterday the Sexy dropped off the baby at day care and left my new stroller there for me to use when I picked her up. Can you believe it that I looked forward to picking up my child not just because I would get to see her but because I would get to use the cool new stroller. How terrible is that. I felt so cool using the new stroller and not having to use the carrier with a squirmy 11-month old. The important thing is that I can now wear uncomfortable shoes to work because I don't have to use the carrier. Hurray for me.

Well I guess that I should go and see if anyone from my team is in and get to work.


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