Monday, February 19, 2007

La Familia

Ahh a new week...what a busy weekend we had. I have to say that I don't feel rested at all, we had my husband's family (mother, stepdad, sister) in from Ottawa. My MIL was dying to see Isa and was besides herself with glee when she did. Isa was a little freaked out because here was this woman freaking out in front of her, it took her a few minutes to go to her grandmother.

I don't think that I have said anything about my MIL or about our relationship. To be honest we have a great relationship, we have many many things in common such as reading, eating good food, good wine/beer, and lounging around. She knows me very well and we have always understood each other, she has been there for me as a second mother after my mom moved back to Nicaragua. I am very happy to have such a good relationship with her and I love visiting them in their beautiful ski lodge style home in a small town called Wakefield, Quebec.

Before Isa was born I would go there to totally unplug from my everyday life, I would spend hours outside on the balcony among the trees reading a good book and drinking a nice cold beer. In the winter months I would spend those same hours lying on the couch in the living room reading or talking with her about what was new. Always with a beer, a glass of wine or a nice cup of tea.

Now with Isa things have changed, I no longer have hours to read instead we all watch Isa play or chase the three cats around the house hopping to get one of them. We spend time cooking and talking about what has been going on and how Isa has been doing and stuff. My MIL is the best cook...the woman can cook anything, when we go there I come back 10 pounds heavier because I can't stop eating and once Isa is in bed, drinking.

Back to this weekend...the family was here to celebrate my MIL's sister-in-law's 40th wedding anniversary and they had a big party at this beautiful reception hall with about 60 of their closest friends and family. Needless to say Isa was the star of the party, she used her powers of cuteness to charm everyone. I was so proud of her because she was not overwhelmed by the amount of people and she agreed to play with my young sister-in-law and let me have nice conversations with all the other family members.

My heart would swell when she would scan the crowd of people and spot me and her little face would light up and she would come running to me and nothing and no one could stand in her way of getting to me, It is so amazing to know that you mean so much to someone.
It was a very busy weekend but it was very nice to see the family and to get caught up. Now I am off to be productive.

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Mimi said...

Sounds like you have a great relationship with your MIL -- what a help that must be to you! I get along well with mine, but I wouldn't say that we have 'fun' together. And because my inlaws are super religious (used to be missionaries) there is NO BOOZE IN THE HOUSE and none allowed, so we have dry vacations there. Oh dear.

Glad you enjoyed the party!