Thursday, February 15, 2007

El Dia De Los Enamorados

The husband and I had a very nice and quiet valentine's day yesterday and after our meal and good quality TV time we started talking about our day at work. Now, normally this is just a short conversation about how long and boring it was( at least on my part, my husband likes his work) but instead it was a real conversation about what is going on in our respective projects, how I have been given more opportunities to lead some meetings and him giving me suggestions on how I can really knock the socks off them.

After we had finished talking about our work, we moved on to our other favourite topic, ISA. We talked about all the cute things she did today, how she ate all her dinner by herself, how she played nicely with her toys, cuddled with Mommy, walked over to the tub when it was time for bath and agreed to go to bed for 6:30 because both Mommy and Daddy were a little tired and wanted to take a short nap.

It was a great Valentine's Day, very much like New Years, were we also stayed home and had a great dinner, some very good wine and the best conversations. This to me is the best way to spend a romantic evening with the one you love. There really is no need for expensive gifts and a big bouquet of flowers. Though diamonds are always welcome;)

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day with the ones they love.


Mimi said...

What a nice evening! Sounds a lot like what Pynchon and I did, actually --- except we were shell-shocked from just having forked over $432 to a plumber who spent precisely 40 minutes thawing our frozen pipes. I guess we should be grateful the pipes didn't burst, but we still feel poor. Anyhow, it's nice to just sit and talk, isn't it? And our conversation always feels nice when it's all grownup stuff .... and then it inevtiably veers into MISS BABY stuff, and that's pretty nice, too :-)

Her Bad Mother said...

We ordered pizza and drank red wine and watched Lost. It was lovely.