Friday, February 16, 2007

F.Y.I Fridays

This is the second edition of F.Y.I. Fridays here at the Baby Thoughts blog. For this post I would like to share a children's gently used clothing store that was recommended to me.

The business is called Kaleidoscope and they have great gently used children's clothing. In fact, I have stopped by their Roncensville location and purchased quite a few items for Isa. All the items are washed and have no stains, holes or missing pieces such as buttons. The staff is very nice and will show you where things are. Also if they have new stuff that they have not put out for display they may let you go through it and you can have first dibs.

As they say, they only have name brand clothing and many things have not even been worn. They have some great selection of seasonal things so that if you have a little one and are looking for some winter or summer clothing that you know they might grow out off quickly this place might be a good place to check out.

Happy Shopping.

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Her Bad Mother said...

I don't know this one - are they new? It's been months since I walked down Roncie past Howard Park.