Friday, February 09, 2007

F.Y.I. Fridays

I have decided that on Friday's I will share with you something interesting that I have come across. This Friday I am going to share something about myself, Her Bad Mother sent out an Internet wide meme on 8 Wacky and Weird things about you and I have decided to attempt this meme.

It took a 45 minute subway ride yesterday to think of 8 wacky and weird things about me, but I think that I have come up with some good ones.

Here it goes...

1- I like to put lemon on my eggs and salt on my oranges and mangos. The lemon on eggs is a family thing, I learned it from my dad. The salt thing on oranges I learned from my nanny when I was very young. Sounds gross but it tastes should give it a try.

2- I came face to face with a Boa Constrictor. Yes you read correctly...a boa...I was about 5 years old and the snake was hanging out on my swings. The only reason why I am still alive is because it had already fed and was digesting. Needless to say I had nightmares for years. And yes, I did grow up right next to the jungle just in case you are wondering.

3- I have very weird pet names for loved ones. I have this habit of giving those I care about "terms of endearments". They are very weird names, such as "llorona" for my mother which means cry-baby I call her this because she always complains about things. So disrespectful you would think but that is what I call her in private. In public I call her mother which is another term of endearment. You have no idea how many I have for Isa...pretty much one for every month that she has been alive.

4- I played with Barbies until I was 13 years old. I know that this is going to send some people running away from my blog, but I have to admit that I did play with Barbies and that I loved it. They were my friends when I moved to Canada and had very little friends at school because I knew zero English. It was also a way for me to slow down the process of growing up, because I loved being a kid and did not want to be a teenager. I hope that my Isa enjoys playing with toys as much as I did, I had so much fun with my dolls.

5- I shot a hunting rifle. Needless to say this is very weird given number 4. But it is true, I went hunting a la English aristocracy the summer before Isa was born. My prey was an 8 cm diameter clay disc, I got it once but missed the second time. It was one of the coolest experience ever and I have to say those suckers are heavy. I could barely lift the thing let alone try to aim at a moving object.

6- I have "fluffy" toes. Okay don't get grossed out when I say that I have hair on my toes...but I do. I inherited my father's hairy genes and I get a couple of hairs on my toes. I also get some on my fingers but much lighter.

7- I really can't do math. The funny thing is that my title has the word "accountant" in it. Now that is funny...but don't worry, like everyone I have no opportunity of screwing up, they leave that up to the computer programs.

8- I like to bite my hair. I feel weird telling you this because it is my dirty secrete that only my family knows about. But when I am stressed, bored, or concentrating I like to bite my hair.

There you go people, eight weird and wacky things about yours trully. I hope that I have not totaly sent you running for the hills...I really am quite normal...really.


Mimi said...

Great list! It's funny how once we share these stories, it turns out we're not so weird as we imagine.

F'rinstance, I'm with you on the pet names, barbies, and salt on the oranges (I thought *i* was the only one!). Also, although I don't bite my hair, when I get stressed I pull on my eyebrows. And, weirder, I know someone else who does this too.

I've never shot a gun though. Sounds tough!

Thanks for sharing!

gingajoy said...

that *is* a good list. i can't do math either.

completely off topic, but I LOVE the name Isa. I have a 11 week old, and if he'd been a girl he'd have been Isa (he's Sam:))

Denguy said...

Yes, not that weird, but interesting.
I have fired a gun.
When I'm stressed, bored, or concentrating I click my fingernails. My wife really hates it.

Her Bad Mother said...

So, hey! Numbers 4 THROUGH 8 - all of them - DITTO.