Saturday, August 25, 2007

Where Did She Learn That?

I am writing you this post from my new Sony Vaio laptop, the Husband went to the mall today with Isa of all people while I took at wee nap (about 3 hours long, please try not to hate me) and surprised me with it. It is meant to assist me in my work which means that I can write posts while I watch tv after Isa is in bed and not worry about waking her up with the noisy keyboard that we have. hurray.

Well, now that I have shared my new news, I am going to share a very interesting incident that occurred at day care the other day. One of Isa's day care teachers told a very interesting thing on Friday. It seams that little Miss Isa has learned the art of deception if you will. Listen to this, you all know how she is in LOVE with her 'Bear' and that she takes him everywhere. Well, at school (day care) she is not allowed to take him to the playground because he will get dirty and the other children are also not allowed to take their security objects with them as well. Well, Isa was playing with Bear and her teacher asked her to please put Bear away because they were now going outside.

What does Isa do, you ask? She takes her hat and hides Bear in it and tries to sneak him outside. Can you believe it? Well, her teacher is in awe of her because Isa tells her in a calm voice that Bear is away and that she is now going outside. Meanwhile she is cluthing her hat agaings her chest and trying to sneak him into the playground. The child is something.

Her teacher told me that she was really impressed that she would go to such lengths to take Bear with her. Me, I am trying hard not to laugh, while on the inside I am really worried because it shows just how much she loves the thing. What am I going to do if something happens to him? I am in so much trouble.

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