Friday, August 10, 2007

And Then There Were Three

I have mentioned many times that Isa LOVES her small little bear like it was her own baby. Her 'Bear' is very much just like her in her mind and whatever she does he has to do as well. This means that if she eats, he eats, if she has to put on sunscreen then he has to have some as well, if it is time to put on sock, then Bear has to have socks on as well... you get the picture.

I have also mentioned how we almost lost Bear a while back and since then I have been on the hunt for a back-up bear. I have gone into countless stores trying to find the same one, because she will certainly not accept anything else. Unfortunately it looks like her Bear has either been discontinued or he is just not that popular because I can't find him anywhere.

Well, on our way back from Ottawa with my mother in law, we stopped by to get gas at this nice place called The Flying J. As we walk in we see that they have a huge display of Ty Baby toys and head over to see if another bear is there. No such luck. Isa on the other hand is grabbing anything and everything she can carry in her two little hands and calling out 'mine, mine'. My MIL and I are rumeging through the selection to see if we can find a comparable, as we are doing this Isa spots this nice little cat and starts getting excited. This little cat has the same feel of Bear but obviously is not a bear, and she knows that. She keeps saying 'gaco' which means cat and is walking away with it. So my MIL says, well why don't we get her that and slowly take Bear away. So we look for a second little cat which will be the backup. Unfortunately Isa sees us and dives for the second one.

She is all excited because now she has two 'gacos'. Big Mistake. Big Mistake. Instead of solving the problem of one bear we now have the problem of one bear and two cats. She has to go to sleep with all three of them, and all three of them must be present everywhere. I was able to draw the line at taking them to daycare so only Bear gets to go, but now I have to figure out how to remove one of the cats without her getting too upset. I think that I will give it time and see if she gets bored with them.

In the end I still have to find another Bear because she is not giving him up, any other toys is just an extra and not a replacement.

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