Friday, August 03, 2007

Party Time

As promised, here are some pictures of Isa at the birthday party for all the children in my amazing mom group who turned 2 during the summer. Enjoy:)

We are off to Wakefield, Quebec for the weekend and I am so looking forward to my mother-in-law's delicious cooking, lots of nice conversations and a good amount of drinking. Oh and all the nice outdoorsy stuff that we do in the country like having bonfires, swimming in lakes, sipping a nice cold beer while lying on a hammock as you watch your child run around naked as the day she was born and loving it.

So without further ado here is the great Isa. Needless to say she had a blast. She ate a ton of guacamole dip with nachos, as many strawberries as she could get her hands on, two cupcakes (hers and mine), lots of soap and who knows what else.

As soon as we arrived, Isa spotted the balloons and had to have one. She held onto the thing like it was her life line. She never let go.

There was a station set up for the kids to blow bubbles, at this time Isa did not know how to blow . In the end all she did was get completely full of soap and scream any time one of the other kids wanted to play. She is very possessive.

And she is off...see that even when she is off sailing she will not let go of her balloon.

Isa decided that her hands were not picking up enough cake so she took matters into her own mouth. By the end all the other kids where bobbing for cupcakes. It was hilarious.

And that is all...afterwards I took her home and tried to help her get down from her sugar high. Though she is used to sweet things so she does not get that hyper.

Soon it will be time for the second round of birthdays...the Fall babies are turning 2.

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