Monday, August 13, 2007

Off With Their Heads!

Over the last few months now, Isa has really begun to enjoy painting and drawing and though she does quite a great deal of both at day care she does not have many supplies at home. It took me too long to realize just how much fun she has and how much fun I have playing with her and getting all messy with her. So the last time I was at the store I picked up a big pad of paper, paints and crayolas for her.

Well, we were coloring just yesterday and after some time I had to leave her by herself at her little desk and do some house work. I figured that since she was happily scribbling that I could probably get quite a lot done. Well, I did but there was a small cost. After I finished doing as much as possible I went in to check on her. I noticed that her cheeks were bulging, I look down at her hand and the she held crayon had been decapitated. So I ask her as I open her mouth to investigate if she has been eating the crayon? Needless to say she is adamantly shaking her head no as I open her mouth and find a kaleidoscope of colours. I look around at the other crayons scattered on her pad and notice that many have had a little taken off the top.

My first thought is nooooo not the new crayons, then I try to hold in the laughter that is threatening to escape because Isa looks hilarious trying to close her mouth in other to keep her crayon tops in. In the end I stick my finder in her mouth and scoop out the stuff and try to get as much as possible. I was not able to get everything as she was not a willing participant of the removal of the crayons and her teeth are sharp. I am just thankful that they are non toxic.

It looks like I have to make sure that when I get her markers that they too are non toxic because if she is like this with the crayons, imagine what she will do to the markers. Can't wait to try out the paints.

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