Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Let the whining begin

Isa has discoved that if she whines she gets our attention and if she does it long and loud enough she may even get something fun out of it.

So the Husband and I have started to really watch how we react to her because we really don't want to get ropped into this tactic.

What we have started to do is look at her while she is making this annoying sound and see what she wants. Than once we have figured out what it is we say to her " would you like your water?" or " would you like to be picked up?" things like that, though I do try to ask in Spanish as I am trying to only speak to her in Spanish.

Needless to say it is a chanlenge for me because, to me my first language is English...but I must make the effort.

I think that I have shared with people that I would really really love it if my daughter knew Spanish...both my husband and I are Spanish and many of our family members only speak Spanish. So for this reason and others it is very important for Isa to learn the language.

So I am making a very concious effort to provide her with Spanish books, DVD's and friends who also hear Spanish at home so that she will grow up listening to it.

I have no idea how things will turn out but I do know that if I try and work hard at making Spanish an important language in our home she will know a good amount....I hope.

So back to the whining...I have to say that I am not prepared for this next stage in our lives. I am a non-confrontational person. This means that I tend to just give into people's wants and needs. So, this means that my first reaction to when Isa whines is to just give her what she wants...not a good idea. So my life has changed and I am trying to stand firm and teach her the right way to ask for things.

I just hope that I don't slip too much and get in trouble. Wish me luck people 'cause I am gona need it.

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