Sunday, August 27, 2006

Under Construction

If anyone knows me, they know that I am not computer savy at all. Which means that it will take me a long time to get this blog to look quite decent. So for the time being if you do visit my site I apologize for the way that it looks.

The Sexy is an IT consultant and a wizz with all things techy but this blog is my baby and I feel like I should learn how to make it my own by myself. That is all that I have to say on the issue of the crappy looking blog that I currently have at the moment.

Yesterday I went in search of the perfect umbrella stroller and I think that I found it. I have high demands when it comes to the umbrella stroller which could be were the problems lies but it is what it is. I needed one that was light so that I could pick up the stroller with baby in it and go down subway stairs. It had to be compact because I have storage issues and if possilbe it should have a basket because I live in a neighborhood where you walk to the grocery store, the butcher etc.

Those where my demands and I tell you there is slim picking out there people. At least if you are not willing to spend over $200 for a freaking umbrella stroller. So I think I found it, The Maclaren Volo. Not the cheaperst thing but not the most expensive and it meets my three criteria. I found it at Toys so I will head out later today to pick it up.


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