Thursday, May 24, 2007

Are You Feeling the Heat?

I am happy to report that the interrogation aka parent/teacher meeting went well. Frankly, that is what we were expecting but it was nice to have confirmation. It looks like Isa is doing GREAT and that she is a well behaved, happy child who plays with everyone and everything (exact words from teacher).

Isa at her desk reading...she is such a good reader.

I was sooooo happy that they provided food for the little ones while the parents were talking. This meant that I did not have to worry about feeding Isa when we got home...cause there was nothing prepared and with Lost starting at 7 there was not much time. So, she had a wonderful dinner of Lasagna with orange slices for dessert, believe when I say that I could not have done better. Lately I have had no imagination when it comes to cooking...I blame it on the weather and my laziness. Enough about my poor culinary skills, specially when it comes to feeding the Isa...I think that I have talked about this more than enough times, that you must be rolling your eyes by now. Done.

Moving on....did you guys catch the season finale of Lost? was it not awesome? Well, the Husband and I were very impressed, I like how they were kind enough to answer some questions yet still leave some things a mystery. I also like how we got a glimpse of Jack's life after they are rescued. All in all it was a very good finale, we are very much looking forward to next season. Which is something that I can't say about 24. I have to say that this season totally SUCKED. It started out really good and then as soon as they brought in the conspiracy with his dad and brother it all went downhill. The last episode was just so absolutely awful, the part about how his father wanted his nephew was so so annoying. I guess you can see that I did not care for it.

Enough about my hatred for 24, lets move on. Today is a very busy day for Isa and I, we are going on a play date later this afternoon and then I am off to my book club meeting in the evening, we are reading Sweetness form the Belly by Camila Gibb. What a great book it was. I can't wait...though I have to find time to bake a nice loaf because this will be my contribution to the book club. I'm bringing the sugar and fat. Yummy.

And that folks is all that I have to say on this beautiful day in Toronto. Stay hydrated. Cheers.

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Mimi said...

Husband watches Lost -- but not me. I go to bed.

I'm trying to be more creative with the feeding thing: a baby can't live on chickpeas and grape tomatoes alone, right?