Friday, November 10, 2006

She Walks....Hurray...

Isa finally walks...she has been waddling along now for a couple of months but yesterday she walked 10 steps or so. She still only truly walks when you offer her something that she likes and you keep moving the item away from her. That's my girl...there has to be something in it for her.

So I am happy about her finally moving forward and getting around on her two little legs. Part of me wanted her to walk very badly but another part(the lazy part) of me did not mind that she could only crawl.

Now, I know that she is going to get into EVERYTHING and that we have to move into phase II of baby proofing the house. I am so not looking forward to it.

Oh well....still really happy that she is walking...hurray for my little preciosa.


Bri said...

Congratulations on the first steps! Found your blog through your comment on Martinis for Milk. Hope you continue blogging, it's a great way to read other blogs and know you're not alone out there!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Go Isa!

Anonymous said...

She must be the cutest waddling everywhere. I will come visit soon!