Friday, November 03, 2006

I am such a Bad Mother

I am such a bad mother....the other day I bought Isa size 3 diapers (she usually wears size 4) and now every morning she has peed herself. The reason being that her diapers can no longer absorb a drop more. When I go in the mornings to get her ready for day care the diaper weighs more then she does.

I feel soooo bad, I can't believe that I made such a her mother, the one that knows everything about her which included the size of diaper that she wears. So today I will be stopping by the grocery store to pick up some larger diapers to put on her for the nights because to make things worse I bought a box of the freaking diapers. And any mother knows, you will use every last one of them because they are too expensive not to do so.

Bad Bad mommy.


Anonymous said...

Cute blog! I'm a first time mom too, and I completely understand how you feel.

(I was browsing blog and just happened upon yours.)

~ Mandy :)

Anonymous said...

Let's trade. I have a package of #4s.

scarbie doll said...

You know what I've been doing? I've been changing his diaper in the crib while he's sleeping right before I go to bed myself. This is the only thing that prevents the waking up soaked. We upped the diaper size, but he drinks so much before bedtime and won't quit.