Thursday, October 18, 2007

For the Love of Reading

Today is the kind of day that if I did not have a billion and one things to get done, I would spend the entire day in my bed reading a good book. I honestly can't remember when my love for reading started. When I was young living in Nicaragua the only books I had were my school books and to be honest I can't say that I remember reading at all. I would rather spend my time playing in my room or outside with my friends. I also think that what did not help was that we were in a state of civil war and books were a luxury item in a sense.

My love of reading really began when I was around 11 years and I was introduced to the Toronto Public Library. I could not believe that I had the ability to take out any book I wished for free. In the summer time I would ride my bike to the library and spend hours going through all the stacks and looking at what books there were. I loved to read and read anything and everything. My favourites were the mystery/detective books, I loved to read Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys. I also liked to read the scary stuff such as Christopher Pike and R.L. Stein. As well as the 'dramatic' stories if you will of Judy Bloom and the Baby-Sitters Club.

Reading has always been a way for me to escape to a different world, imagine myself a different person and to put aside any worries or concerns that I may be experiencing for a short time. If I am feeling sad, worried or stressed I like to escape to my room and take out one my favourite books and read, such as any of my Agatha Christie books or Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. These are my sure bet books, I know that I can read them over and over again and still enjoy them.

I still love to go to the Library and browse the stacks to see what new author would interest me. I always tend to gravitate towards the Mystery section as I love a good mystery and enjoy spending a quite Sunday morning during Isa's nap in my bed with a good detective book.

Recently I have noticed how much Isa loves it when I read to her. I was struggling with reading to her because before she would grab the book from my hand and flip the pages herself not really letting me read. But now things have changed, she likes to sit on my lap holding the book open while I read to her. She no longer rushes or tries to take the book. In fact she likes to have it read to her over and over again. I have also noticed that she can handle books that have a longer story or require her to act out things.

This new interest and maturity that she has shown in reading has made be realize that we need to spend more time in the Library together. I want her to become acquainted with it and to learn the etiquette of being in a Library so that we can spend quality time there among the books. I am really enjoying this as I hope dearly that Isa will have the same love for books that I have.

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