Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Still Here...barely

I see that it has been quite some time since I posted, to be honest I have not had the inclination to do it. My head has been filled with many things and some of those things have been funny, interesting blogs that I meant to get up but did not. I have also been battling some demons in the old noggin.

Today thankfully is a good day, I have gotten quite a few things accomplished which makes me feel very productive.

I don't really have one particular topic of conversation, so I will give you a run down of what BWM and the great Isa had been up to as of late. I am assuming here that you are actually interested but if you are not that's okay I understand completely.

So here it goes:

- After spending a whole week with me, Isa returned to day care. Her teacher commented on how much weight she had lost. Personally I don't see it but hey no problems. It was probably cause by me withholding almost all dairy from her life for that week as a way to stop the diarrhea.

- Being that it was so beautiful outside and that the kiddies were out for the summer holiday things were pretty quiet in the work front. Needless to say not a good thing but expected.

- We had a pretty quiet long weekend, we headed out to the Beaches on the holiday Monday with Isa to get out of our house. We usually just hang out in the village but we needed a change of scenery. All in all a good experience, Isa had a blast looking for rocks in the sand, thankfully she did not ingest that much of it as I believe she is now over sand having had enough of it at day care. The Husband and I are thinking of going back with more gear and maybe another family next time. I really enjoy the Beaches and have spent quite a great deal of time there. It used to be our hangout when we were young (pre-clubbing/drinking ages).

-This past Sunday, we had a big birthday party for all the kiddies turning 2 during the summer months in my mom group. What fun it was, I will certainly post pictures soon, I just have to find the damn cable that hooks up to the computer. Isa had a blast and I have to thank the moms who put together the party because they had so many fun things for the kids to do.
I think that a post dedicated to this day will have to be written sometime soon. Isa was hilarious and there are pictures to prove it.

That is what has been going on over here. Tomorrow we are off to a play date (weather permitting) and this Saturday we have another birthday party to attend. In fact we are actually booked for all off July, well to be more precise, Isa is booked for all of July. I am not. I guess this is what it will be like from now on:)

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