Sunday, July 22, 2007

12 Days Later

I can't believe that I have not posted anything for 12 days now. I have been meaning to but if it's not one thing, it's another. I have also been busy with work stuff and we have an aunt from Spain visiting.

I am finding that July, like June is just flying by. Isa is booked every Saturday this month and Sundays we always go over to my in-laws. Looks like August will be the same, before you know it Fall will be here and then the dreaded winter. But I get ahead of myself. To be honest I am looking forward to the fall because so many things will be known, mostly to do with the business. I know that this is vague but I don't really know myself, which is what is causing some sleepless nights and worries. I am just looking forward to getting some answers.

Isa, as always is doing amazing. She gets smarter by the second. She has now discovered that if she says 'please' she will get something, this means that if she wants something that she is not supposed to have she would say 'please mama please' or in Isa language 'peease mama peease'.

Tomorrow we are off to hang out with the moms at the park in the morning for a little splash fun. I doubt whether Isa will actually go into the water, she has not done so this summer. I think that she finds the water too cold, she seams to take after her Nicaraguan mama who will not swim in any water that is not luke-warm. So she will probably make me hang out with her in the park while all the other kids have fun in the pool and the moms chat and stand over them.

Hopefully it will not be almost two weeks for my next post, I have been meaning to write about all the topics that I have found important to me as a first time mom with some experience but when I sit down to it, all the words escape me. We shall see when they return. Here is to a good week:)

Just a reminder that the voting for the Savvymom 'Mompreneur of the Year Award' is still open. I would certainly appreciate your support and your vote. To find out more about me Karla Zamora and you can stop by Savvymom and place a vote.

Thank you.

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